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Described by one of our parents as a happy school, Arusha Meru International School is located at the foothill of Mt. Meru and situated in the Central Business District of Arusha.


Our vision is to provide an inclusive international curriculum that is affordable and embodies the international education standard in learning and pedagogy.

Experiential Learning

Hands-on learning is crucial for Arusha Meru. We encourage active learning outside of our academic subjects to achieve a holistic education that will have profound effects on our pupils. Experiential Learning means our classrooms have no walls.


Our sports facilities provide a great support to our academic programme. We have an NBA-sized basketball court, 25 meter x 4-lane swimming pool, netball and volleyball court, and a football and rugby pitch. We also offer boarding facility inside the school’s compound.


Arusha Meru International School provides extensive sports programme for our students of all abilities and all ages. We offer rugby, volleyball, track and field, football, swimming, netball, and cricket.  We strives to be the centre of sporting excellence in northern Tanzania.

About Us

Arusha Meru International School is an educational institution under the umbrella of Arusha Educational and Cultural Society. Our aim is to provide high-quality education and teaching for both local and international students in and around Arusha.


 The school opened its educational doors on 11 February 1964 with 35 students within the Arusha community.


 Arusha Meru offers high-quality education for students aged 3-18 years old. We follow a modified English National Curriculum from Early Years to Key Stage 5 and offer the Cambridge International Examinations programme.


Arusha Meru follows a modified English National Curriculum. This means that our curriculum is academically riched in terms of its depth and breadth making sure pupils benefit from an international curriculum alongside traditional and local knowledge.

In Early Years, we follow the British Early Years National Framework. It is an exicitng time with much training and development taking place making sure all the children are happy and making good progress in all areas of their development. Primary School (Key Stages 1 and 2) is a continuation of the Eary Years Framework. Pupils who attend our Primary School focus on 3 R’s – reading, (w)riting, and arithmetic alongside other specific prime of learning – Art, French, Geograhpy, History, ICT, Kiswahili, Music, and Sports. At the end of KS 2, pupils are expected to be externally assessed by Cambridge Primary Checkpoint.

Secondary is divided into 2 broad stages: Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4. Students in KS 3 (Years 7, 8 and 9) follow an adapted UK National Curriculum to support and prepare them for their Key Stage 4 courses (IGCSE).  Just like our primary pupils, they will continue to be taught with the the 3 R’s and other specific prime of learning.  At the end of KS 3, pupils are assessed externally by Cambridge Lower Secondary Checkpoint. Our KS 4 curriculum follows the Cambridge IGCSE subjects that are grouped into five curriculum areas: (1) Languages, (2) Humanities and Social Science, (3) Sciences, (4) Mathematics, and (5) Creative and Professional. Pupils must take two diffrent languages, and one subject from each groups.  The seventh and eight subjects can be taken from any of the five subject groups. On the other hand, our Sixth Form programme is comprehensive and includes a range of A Levels subjects. This includes from Accounting to Chemistry to Psychology and Sociology.

Specific information about each School, especially subject availability for IGCSE and A Level, can be found on the links below.

Our Staff

The daily management of Arusha Meru International School is led by the Senior Leadership Team. This is headed by the Headmaster and is assisted by the Deputy Headmaster, Co-ordinators of Secondary, Primary and Early Years. The SLT takes the wide-school decision in terms of curriculum and pastoral and contributes to the over-all effectiveness and efficiency of the school.

The teaching staff are responsible for the daily academic and pastoral task of our pupils whilst the non-teaching staff is in-charged of the school’s administration and day-to-day logistic.



                  Ms. Cheryl L. Elliott

Ms. Cheryl L. Elliott

Head Of School/STEM

Mr. Nassoro Mustapha

Mr. Nassoro Mustapha

Deputy Headmaster / History

Mr. George Stephen

Mr. George Stephen

Early Years Academic Co-ordinator / KS1 Teacher

Mrs. Parveen Sandhu

Mrs. Parveen Sandhu

Examinations Officer / Mathematics

Mr. Alex Kaale

Mr. Alex Kaale

Primary Pastoral Co-ordinator / Science

Mr. Issa Malibuka

Mr. Issa Malibuka

Computer Science/ ICT expert

Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning is crucial at Arusha Meru. Our students are challenged to balance academic and subject-based curriculum with hands-on approach. With a dictum of “our classrooms have no walls,” we encouraged pupils to engage in Arts, participates in different Clubs, learn and appreciate Music, and develop social skills and improve self-esteem through Sports. To know more about our Experiential Learning programme, click the appropriate button below.

Boarding at Arusha Meru

At Arusha Meru International School, we welcome boarders from the age of 11 years old through the Sixth Form, who are both housed in the school’s compound.  The boarders are separated by gender and is divided further into two groups : Arusha House and Meru Home.

Arusha House has been specifically designed to cater for Year 7 to Year 11 students whilst Meru Home are intended for Year 12 an Year 13 students.

To know more about the school’s boarding facility, please click the appropriate button below.  Alternatively, email the Headmaster, headmaster@arushameru.sc.tz.

Admissions and School Fees

The aim of the school’s Admission Procedure is to ensure that pupils who join our school is placed at the right year group.  This is to make sure that our pupils are happy, content, successful, and is safe within the school’s academic and pastoral environment. To know more about our Application Procedure and download our Application Form, please press the button below.  For the school’s Fee Structure, click the button on the right hand side of your screen.

Contact Us

School office hours are 8:00am to 4:00pm during term time.

During school holidays, Arusha Meru is open from 9:00am to 3:00pm and is closed during public holidays.


Arusha Meru International School

Sikh Union Road, Arusha, Tanzania


Contact Information 

PO Box 710, Sikh Union Road
Arusha, Tanzania
East Africa
Telephone Number (+255) 757 899 711

Useful Email Addresses
General Enquiries info@arushameru.sc.tz
Exams cie@arushameru.sc.tz
Accounts finance@arushameru.sc.tz
Exams cie@arushameru.sc.tz
Head of School stem.amis@arushameru.sc.tz
Deputy  secondaryhead@arushameru.sc.tz

If you would like to schedule an appointment to visit our school, have a question about our curriculum or staff, or just want to say hello, please send us a message below or email one of the relevant emails on this page.


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